Ecological disasters

We have found by experiments that oil fluids (where one drop contaminates even a thousand liters of drinking water) can be degraded and destroyed by selected species of fungi. These experiments were performed on petri dishes and selected substrates. Based on verified conclusions and recognized principles, we can set the technological process and a mechanism that deliberately destroys environmental disasters of oil and soil contamination.

Packaging into the product

The selected DUUGY organic packaging line is designed to become an integral part of the product, where the fungus in the packaging is active and, in specific conditions, from the packaging grows into the core of the selected product of daily consumption. We have tested a wide portfolio of day-to-day products where it is not and at the same time it is possible to apply this process and increase the uniqueness of common day-to-day products by active substances of medicinal mushrooms such as rare beta and alpha glucans, minerals, proteins and other rare substances in natural form while respecting the principles of how they have evolved in nature for a billion years.