100% eko package

Few words from author

I came up with this innovative solution after my frustration with how much plastic waste we shipped out with every mushroom based supplement that we sold. The life cycle of this waste consists of several decades, and thus we were also responsible for polluting the ecosystem. So our passion to help our customers achieve optimal health had come at the expanse of the environment. Over the last 5 years we have cultivated and researched several species of mushrooms. During this time we have observed and documented the individual properties as well as analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each. It was through this diligent process that we discovered a unique technological inspired by nature to produce a 100% ecological fungipack Duugy. I would be honored to see our ecological packaging everywhere. More importantly, it would be great to make plastic packaging and other environment-polluting materials obsolete.

I believe everything comes back.

Andrej Dugovič - CEO

Package properties


We produce bio / organic ecological line, which is certified by Naturalis sk, s.r.o. We do not use any synthetic or other chemical substances that would burden nature.

Impact on human health

We mainly use edible and medicinal fungi for cultivation, so organic packaging and DUUGY materials contain rare active alpha and beta glucans, proteins in natural form, a wide portfolio of minerals and vitamins, and other medicinal substances that provide nutritional value for better condition and human health. When the content of the package has been consumed, these active substances of medicinal fungi are transferred to the human diet and a package is useful as an animal feed.


With a selected line of ecological packaging and DUUGY materials, after the end of their function as protective packaging, the consumer can take comfort in being directly involved in reducing their carbon footprint on the environment. By bringing our bio friendly packaging and materials into the everyday lives of the general public, consumers can make a major contribution towards reducing environmental burdens by reducing waste production by 85%. Households can play a significant role in our ecology and economy. For developed countries, this can have a long-term impact on their economies and serve as a viable solution to unnecessary waste contamination.

Shape and design

We have observed this process in the development and production of our ecological packaging DUUGY from the laws of nature as it pertains to mushroom development and growth. It is a living mushroom-based process. We work to “tame” the mushrooms to a desired shape, texture and consistency depending on the desired properties.


The main purpose is the protective function as packaging for other types of products. We believe that other features will be no less important for consumers. Priority is given to health security and safety and, depending on the particular line, the fulfillment of its further purpose according to the consumer's choice.


Inflammability, formability, stability, durability, toughness, wadding, integrity, strength, unbreakability, 100% degradability, degradability and indirect to direct environmental protection.

Source of waste

Producers of food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, or other industries packing their products into paper, plastic and other packaging produce waste in non-ecological packaging with a negative impact on the environment for decades to hundreds of years. They have the opportunity to become responsible companies with a direct impact on the environment. We can help them set out on a path where they will not only produce waste for every product sold, but will become a certified environmentally responsible company (EZF) that will improve the environment. The products can be packaged in unique packaging materials which, after consuming their product, will not become waste, but will also contribute to the environment. they can be innovators protecting nature. A side benefit is increasing the image, cool packaging and tackling their bad reputation as the first producers of waste.

Added value

Our ecological packaging and materials are preferred for the ecological nature of the material resulting from natural patterns from the mushroom world. Each of our environmentally friendly packaging can be used (after fulfilling the purpose as a protective packaging) either in the home or indirectly by reducing the environmental burden.

Reasearch | Development | Production

We started our research 5 years ago, using only our finances, and moving step by step toward our goal. This process has not been rushed, as we implemented a methodical approach to the development of this technological advancement. We have painstakingly learned about each species of mushrooms depending on the condition of their mother culture. The production process is a closely guarded secret. All research and development, as well as production takes place in Slovakia.


Packages in glass

In this video we will show you how we use glass molds to get the packages ready for everyday use.

Decomposition of fungi package

The Fungi Package is fully compostable, the activity of the mushrooms and bacteria in the ground makes sure it will become one with the soil.

How different species of fungi react to industrial oil

Watch how different species of fungi react when we feed them oil for industrial gears combined with old car oil

Fungi package as a candle stand

Candle stand is one of many possible purposes of Fungi Package. Even though the package can be ignited, the flame goes out almost immediately, so it's safe to use in this manner. It also floats on water, so it can be used as a floating candlestick.

Fungi package as a flower pot

Completely natural flower pot? That's just one of many possible uses of the Fungi Package. You can grow the plant indoors, and when it reaches desirable stage, just put it in the ground still within the package. The mushrooms in the package provide nutrients for the plant, and decomposes after few months.

Other uses

Packaging materials
Toys for children