There is much disposable waste produced at festivals, so we come up with an ecological alternative to ecological cups and jars that end up as a branded souvenir to a festival, or as an organic fertilizer or livestock feed.


At selected festivals we spread the message of ecology and environmental awareness. Our goal is to make people conscious and make the right decisions when buying consumer goods, where the purchase of the product also creates waste decades to hundreds of years. Each individual's attitude can influence the reduction of waste. This message can be developed in several ways, where an individual can become an environmentally clean unit with minimal pollution of nature. The message can continue to be disseminated and developed in communities that share knowledge further.


We organize workshops and expert lectures of mycologists and environmentalists for the general public and draw the general public into the debate. They are welcome speakers from different sectors who have something to say on the topic of environmental improvement and conservation, either from their experience, academic environment, or from field research and observation.